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5 Outrageous Videos That Push The Limits of Comedy: Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chappelle, DJ Lubel, Don Rickles, Sasha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen Outrageous
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5 Outrageous Videos – January 2022

We all know someone who is crazy and out of control. They might be the one at a party who starts dancing at the table, they may be that person who does not care what anyone thinks and always speaks their mind, and they might have an outrageous Youtube video which you missed. When it comes to entertainment, there are those performers that take things up a notch (or ten!) and really push the limits as far as what can go wrong on stage. This article features 5 outrageous entertainers and some of their work – these performers are crazy, clever, funny, and insane risk-takers!

Without further ado, the following is the Fox Chronicle’s January 2022 List of Outrageous:

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen is an outrageous comedian who first came to prominence when he created the character Borat. Cohen portrays Borat as a naïve and ignorant foreigner, which often results in cringe-worthy but hilarious moments. His other famous characters include Admiral General Aladeen from The Dictator and Bruno, a gay Austrian fashionista. Whatever the character, Sacha Baron Cohen always manages to push boundaries and get laughs by taking things to extremes. He’s never afraid to make fun of anyone – not even himself – and this makes him one of the most original and unpredictable comedians around. If you’re looking for some outrageous comedy that will have you laughing out loud, then be sure to check out Sacha Baron Cohen’s work!

Don Rickles

Don Rickles makes our list outrageous because he made fun of nearly everyone and everything under the sun. He has made a career out of insulting people and mocking them until they are left in tears. The list of don Rickles victims includes Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra, Rodney Dangerfield, Steven Spielberg, David Letterman, and Sarah Palin just to name a few!

People loved don Rickles because he took chances that most comedians wouldn’t dare. His level of confidence bordered on being completely insane but he pulled it off with such style that you have to admire his audacity. In the world today where so many people are walking on eggshells, Don Rickles stuck up his middle finger at everyone who paid him to do so. He was the kind of comedian that you loved to hate. He had such a loyal following that he was able to say almost anything on national television and people wouldn’t get upset at him.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is outrageous, offensive, and pushes the boundaries in the name of comedy. Chappelle gets in touch with his roots and talks about every subject in there in a way that makes you think “yeah!” I love Dave Chappelle’s style of comedy. Dave Chappelle is outrageous because he dares to speak the unspeakable! He dares to tell jokes that are controversial yet truthful. It doesn’t matter if it’s about transgender, race relations, or politics – Chappelle holds nothing back.

Dave Chappelle Outrageous Videos
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The Chappelle Show became a pop-culture phenomenon because it took on many serious and taboo topics in American society. While Chappelle has frequently made outrageous comments in the course of his 30-year career, the edgy comedian has faced outrage and backlash over his comments in “The Closer” about transgender people since the Netflix special was released on Oct. 5. Two weeks later, about 100 people protested near Netflix’s headquarters for supporting Dave Chappelle’s new special, which they say ridicules transgender people.

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay’s whole deal was outrageous, controversial, and edgy. From his raunchy and inappropriate comedy and songs to the movies and shows he’s been in, Dice has always been a wild guy and an over-the-top comedian and actor. What most people don’t realize is that Dice was actually not allowed to swear and curse on stage and would get fined for each profanity he said until one day, at the height of his fame and success, he just stopped caring and went on stage dropping F-bombs and other curses as much as possible.

But even though Dice was on top of the world, his career started going downhill when he was probably more popular than ever. Dice’s fans are mostly nostalgic and of his generation and older so it will be interesting to see if the comedian can attract a younger audience. He will have some work cut out for him, but Dice has always been one to take chances and do things his own way and since nobody else is giving him any opportunities, he’s just going to have to start creating his own projects.

DJ Lubel

DJ Lubel, an Ivy League-educated comedian, made waves with his viral Youtube videos but then disappeared. He recently came back to life with his “I’m Back Baby Podcast.” His videos were as clever as they were outrageous and ridiculous. He managed to discuss bizarre and taboo topics without being raunchy. Something difficult to explain unless you watch the videos.

His video, “The Wrong Hole,” racked up over 10 million Youtube views. It’s about an incident of accidental anal intercourse and co-starred Scott Baio. His video “Masturbate for Life” racked up over 1.3 million views in Italy alone.

His most controversial video which really got Hollywood’s attention was “Women of L.A.” with close to 2 million Youtube views. The video was meant to be a parody of how difficult it is for a self-proclaimed dweeb to get the gold-digging women of LA to sleep with him. Although the video earned the approval of Ashton Kutcher and Jon Hurwitz, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “Outraged professional comics and pop culture critics say Lubel’s attempts at parodying well-worn stereotypes come off as misogynist, hackneyed, and, most of all, painfully unfunny.”

More Outrageos Videos Coming Soon!


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