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5 Reasons Online Learning Is Key To The Future Of Education

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The future education, much like the future of everything else, will be primarily influenced by technological innovations. If you’ve been paying attention to the global education system, you’d admit that there have been significant changes in traditional learning. Many of the trending aspects of education are things no one would have imagined two or even three decades ago. One of the most obvious innovations in education that will positively impact the future of learning is online education. As the name implies, online learning is the use of digital tools as a medium for formal education. 

1. Online Learning Offers Variety 

One of the primary factors that have made online learning a popular option in the education industry is that it offers more variety than you can get in any in-person classroom. There is no limit when it comes to the skills and disciplines you can get from online learning. Right now, almost every university in the United States offers online versions of their traditional curriculums. These digital curriculums come with variations that don’t even exist in the campus-based institutions. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, elementary and high schools started embracing online teaching as well. 

2. Online Learning is Accessible 

When it comes to accessibility, online learning also has an edge over in-person classes. When you find yourself in unconventional situations, you can always access online learning tools as long as you have a smart device with an Internet connection. During the pandemic, in-person schooling became challenging and online learning was the only way students could get educated. Since commuting from one place to another was restricted, online education companies made a lot of money this year. Web developers also worked with schools to create websites that allowed them to extend their regular curriculum to meet the needs of students. 

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Editorial Credit: Rido

3. Online Learning is Cost-Effective 

In most developing countries, getting a good education is incredibly expensive. Government institutions don’t typically offer students the standard of education they need to compete in the rest of the world. Students who can’t afford expensive private schools and want a better standard of education than public schools can opt for online learning. You can choose which courses to take and which to ignore. They allow you to make payments per course instead of paying an expensive tuition fee just to have access to a few courses. You’re not only going to save money on tuition. You’ll also save on transportation, materials, and other expenses that come with going to in-person schools. 

4. Online Learning Allows Room for Customization 

Regular schools have started developing a more personal and customized approach to learning. However, online learning allows for more customization than traditional schools. Students can follow curriculums that are customized to meet their individual needs. Rather than learning several different subjects that a student has no interest in, they can chase their passion and dreams. You might still need to meet the basic subject requirements for the discipline of your choice. While recorded videos and other predetermined resources are common in online schools, there are also video conferencing options for online learning. This is all thanks to software engineers and web designers. Students can have conversations with other students and teachers at the same time. 

5. Online Learning Promotes Digital Literacy 

Students who use online schools tend to be more effective at using digital tools than those who are stuck with traditional schooling. They learn all there is to know about using computers for thorough research beyond Google search. They are also more efficient in using interactive software tools for obvious reasons. Now that remote offices are becoming the new normal, digital literacy is an important skill students need to develop. Using digital technology for education rather than social media interactions alone teaches students digital responsibility. 


The five reasons above explain why online learning is going to be a more viable option than traditional schooling in the future. There is a lot of work to be done before online learning can reach global adoption. However, with the rapid pace of technological innovation, these challenges will be addressed in the next few years. For now, combining the structure of in-person schooling with the tech and flexibility of online programs will make the learning process more interesting. 

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