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7 Wild Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Wild Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
Editorial Credit: Media Whalestock

Here are the Top 7 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories that are circulating on the internet.

1. The United States in the Midst of Wild Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Channel One, a Russian news network first started the story blaming the US for the coronavirus outbreak. The aim was purportedly to cripple the Chinese economy in the wake of the heated trade war between the US and China. Another reason was supposedly to make money by selling vaccines.

The presenter making these allegations reasoned that the word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ in Latin. US President Trump has judged many beauty contests and crowned the winners. This, according to the presenter, is why the coronavirus is so-called. However, scientists say they named the virus as such owing to the projections on the virus due to which the organism resembles a crown.

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