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7 Wild Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

2. Bill Gates Beleaguered by Wild Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

A series of astounding coincidences have placed Bill Gates at the forefront of conspiracy theory claims. Here is how it happened. During October 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation worked with the World Economic Forum as well as the John Hopkins Center for Health Security to ascertain the effectiveness of current preparations in the event of a global epidemic. In an astonishing twist of fate, the coronavirus pandemic broke out in just 2 months. This led to more wild coronavirus conspiracy theories.

Bill Gates wild Coronavirus conspiracy theories
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Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorists are now claiming that the 3 major health organizations are behind the outbreak. The said organizations have vehemently refuted these claims.

In a Netflix documentary, Bill Gates warned of a global outbreak. This has not helped matters at all. Bill Gates unwittingly lent credence to wild coronavirus conspiracy theories.

Further consolidating these claims are the funds that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation forwarded to the Pirbright Institute that owns the patent of the coronavirus vaccine. If you would believe conspiracy theorists, Bill Gates did this to earn money through the coronavirus vaccine.

The Pirbright Institute has refuted these claims by saying that their vaccine does not help humans and that their research was focused on coronavirus in birds.

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Wild Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories