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A Review of Miami Vice, The Movie

Miami Vice Movie Review
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If you are a fan of action thrillers, why haven’t you seen Miami Vice yet? Miami Vice is an American action thriller movie, which is about Tubbs and Crockett – two MDPD detectives – who go undercover in an attempt to fight drug trafficking operations. Michael Mann wrote, directed, and produced the film, which is an adaption of the Miami Vice television series from the ‘80s which brought Miami’s cocaine cowboys to life in film. There are a number of big stars in the film. Tubbs is played by Jamie Foxx while Crockett is played by Colin Farrell. Other stars in the film include John Ortiz, Luis Tosar, Barry Shabaka Henley, Ciaran Hinds, Naomie Harris, Justin Teroux, and Gong Li. Below, we will reveal everything you need to know about this famous film. 

Miami Vice: Cocaine Action On Steroids

Before we give you our take on Miami Vice, let’s take a look at the plot in further detail. This film follows two detectives – Ricardo Tubbs and Sonny Crockett – while they work undercover in Florida investigating narcotics smuggling. However, things take a turn for the worse when Crockett falls for the stunning wife of one of the powerful drugs and arms trafficker. There are consequences for everyone, as Tubbs’ family comes under threat. 

Miami Vice Review
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Intimate, Confident, and Sexy

These are three words that most definitely sum up this film! As we have come to expect from Michael Mann movies, you can expect masculine rage, sheer broiling temperatures, and plenty of masculine sweat in this one! It is an ultraviolent and brash film, which simply could not have been made by anyone else. The authorial mastery of the director is laid down like hammer blows from the very first few frames. Only Michael Mann would have the ability to contrive those male egos slamming into each other like Sumo wrestlers. You can expect his signature monumental asymmetrical compositions on screen, with helicopters sweeping over huge nighttime cityscapes, rooftop confrontations, and faces looming intently into the camera. What more would you expect?

Not A Buddy Cop Movie

One thing that is immediately and emphatically stated is that this is not a buddy cop film. In fact, Foxx and Farrell barely exchange a dozen lines throughout the movie. They have that sort of trust whereby any words are simply redundant. They do not make wisecracks about each other’s driving, date each other’s sisters, or go to the bar together after work. They are subverted fully to the job, making them stone-cold professionals. This is what makes this film different from all of the other movies out there that focus on the partnership between two professional cops. So, if you are looking for a film where you have two cops who make jokes at each other throughout the movie, this is not the film! Miami Vice has a serious tone, rather than a comedic one. 

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Miami Vice Soundtrack is Full of Hits

In an attempt to pull the film away from the television series, Michael Mann did not want to use the television series’ theme song nor did he want to use Jan Hammer, who was the composer of the original television series. The film opens with Numb/Encore by Linkin Park and Jay-Z, and this song also featured in adverts for the film. However, it is not part of the soundtrack for Miami Vice. The soundtrack features 17 songs, with hits from the likes of John Murphy, Freaky Chakra, Moby, Goldfrapp, and Nina Simone. 

Miami Vice Reviews Were Mixed

As is the case with most movies nowadays, Miami Vice received a max bag of comments. However, on the whole, it is very much considered a cult favorite, and you will see positive read-ups about it all over the web. In fact, in a Time Out poll, it was deemed the 95th best action film of all time. This was a poll of actors, directors, film critics, and stunt actors. So, to appear on this list is very high praise indeed. The film also received positive comments from a number of major publications, including The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Boston Globe, The Village Voice, New York, Newsweek, Variety, Empire, and Rolling Stone. 

So there you have it: everything that you need to know about Miami Vice. If you are a fan of anything to do with action and crime, you are going to love this film. Not only does it have a great plot but it has an outstanding cast to back it up as well. Prepare to be entertained!