Author: Jack Abramoff

Jack Abramoff is the founder of The Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship, an author, a movie producer, and the newest guest columnist for the Fox Chronicle. The rise and fall of Jack Abramoff, arguably one of the world’s most famous lobbyists and former Washington power players, might as well be a major motion picture. In fact, it is. Already two major motion pictures based on Abramoff’s story have hit the silver screen. Dubbed on the cover of Time Magazine as the “Man Who Bought Washington”, Abramoff rose to become the nation’s most successful and prominent lobbyist, before becoming enmeshed in the most harrowing political scandal since Watergate. Having served 43 months in federal prison, Abramoff has been humbled but is still relentless when it comes to helping those less fortunate than himself. While on top of the political and lobbying world, Jack also dedicated countless hours and resources to charitable endeavors, donating the lion's share of his income to established causes (such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), as well as fellow citizens in need, including many schools for challenged students and efforts to support families in need. The Jack Abramoff Family Scholarship was created to help ease the crushing blow of families suffer from the absence of a parent by providing educational grants to help enable students of these families to attend college. The scholarships will focus on students of law enforcement families who have lost a parent and children who have lost a parent to the judicial system. All students are invited to participate… and win. “I pray that all America’s children will have the opportunities to succeed and grow through education, and pledge to do my part, and encourage my friends to join, in this vital endeavor.” – Jack Abramoff

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