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Chevy Chase, The Funniest Man In America

Chevy Chase: Career

Chevy Chase, Fletch
Chevy Chase, Fletch (1985)

Before he shot to fame, Chevy Chase had a diverse range of jobs, and it wasn’t until 1973 that he took the decision to pursue comedy as a full-time career. He joined the team at the National Lampoon Radio Hour, which also featured Bill Murray and John Belushi, and quickly became a household name.

“Chase’s career really took off when he became one of the original cast members of NBC’s Saturday Night Live comedy show. He became synonymous with the famous opening, ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!’ and his segment, ‘Weekend Update’ proved hugely popular. Chase won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe award for his writing and acting. In 1975, he featured on the cover of New York magazine accompanied by a headline that branded him ‘the funniest man in America.’

Chase was the first original cast member to leave Saturday Night Live, but he has returned several times since to celebrate milestones and anniversaries.

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