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Comparing Match, Tinder, Bumble & Hinge For Online Dating

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Are you looking for a fun new relationship this summer? Perhaps you’d prefer a casual hook-up or even someone to tie the knot. In any case, we have got you covered! After testing out all the major competitors in the market, we have determined the best dating apps to use in 2021, so you don’t waste time guessing your way through your dating life.

Start Dating with Apps in 2021 – The Winner is Match

There are dating apps out there for everyone, no matter what gender, ethnicity, or even religious affinity you hold. The best part about dating apps is that you don’t have to guess your way through your dating life. Instead, you can directly reach out to the people you find attractive and have a few conversations beforehand to see if you would get along.

No more awkward first dates with nothing to talk about and no matching interests. Instead, you can hang out with some truly fun, exciting people who re-evoke your faith in romantic relationships and bring the dormant butterflies in your stomach back to life.

Before we dive into the best dating apps you should sign up on, here are some important pointers to remember.

Sell Yourself

No, not literally!

When we talk about selling yourself, it merely means to have a nice (and genuine!) description of who you are, what you like, and the things that interest you. Try not to talk about stuff like your hobbies and Netflixing; we all do that!

A better approach is to mention fun things about yourself that make you stand out and would narrow down the number of people who reach out to you. People often think the more matches, the better, but we believe in the opposite strategy. Having a smaller but better list of people you match increases your chances of actually going on a successful date!

Connect with Like-Minded People

Once your intro is all set, add in a few nice pictures, and you’re ready to start connecting with people.

How you connect varies from app to app. We all know of Tinder’s famous hot or not swiping system; similarly, other apps have their own ways of connecting you to the right people. You can also tinker with the settings to set your own age range, gender specification, and any other important factors.

Once you’re ready and have matched with a few people who seem rather interesting, bite the bullet and reach out to them! Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move; we left this passiveness behind in 2020.

Message them a nice greeting along with a question that they would be tempted to reply to. Remember, the first conversation can make or break this match for you, so make it count!

Avoid Online Dating Scams

According to the FBI, in 2016, Americans lost more than $230 million in online dating scams. The actual amount is more likely higher because many victims are embarrassed to report that they have been scammed.

Don’t Rush Into Anything

Online daters move quickly. It’s just part of today’s fast-paced digital world. The last thing you want to do is end up moving too quickly and end up with a bad breakup or difficult divorce. Take your time!

The Best Dating Apps to Use in 2021

You now have the basics of online dating down; here are the apps to get started on!


Long-Term Relationships

Comparing Match, Tinder, Bumble & Hinge For Online Dating 1

Match is the best platform to use if you’re looking for a significant other to enjoy the rest of your life with. It has a super easy-to-use interface along with profiles that are highly detailed so you can make sure you’re picking out the right person for you.

The Good

  • Robust, highly-vetted profiles
  • Top-notch filtering tool
  • Supports video chat
  • Unser-friendly interface

The Bad

  • Can be costly
  • Takes time for profiles to get approved


Casual Hook Ups

Comparing Match, Tinder, Bumble & Hinge For Online Dating 2

Who hasn’t tried out Tinder’s super addictive swiping feature when they’re just lounging about with nothing else to do? Tinder quickly earned a spot for itself as the best way to find people for one-night stands or casual hook-ups. It is fun, easy-to-use, and gets the job done; what more does one need?

The Good

  • Simple yet modern user-interface
  • Swiping feature makes it fun
  • The basic app is free to use
  • Supports video chat

The Bad

  • Need to put in money to use several advanced features


For Woman-Empowered Dating

Comparing Match, Tinder, Bumble & Hinge For Online Dating 3

Bumble came forth with a rather refreshing new concept by handing over the first move to the ladies on the app. This woman-first dating app requires women to send forth the first message, and the dudes on the other side can’t reach out until they do.

This not only saves women from getting heaps of weird (and often creepy) messages, but it also takes away the pressure of making the first move from men. We consider this a win-win situation!

The Good

  • Advanced privacy and security protocols
  • The free version is quite robust
  • Inclusive to all
  • Supports video chat

The Bad

  • The profiles aren’t too detail-oriented
  • Has a redundant friend-finder option (takes friend-zoning to a whole new level!)


For a Fun, Flirty Start

Comparing Match, Tinder, Bumble & Hinge For Online Dating 4

We all judge people based on their profiles; that is the whole point of online dating, right? Well, if profiles on other dating apps have been disappointing and mediocre at best, you need to try out Hinge. This app is known for stunning profiles and people who believe in putting in the effort to online dating.

The Good

  • Robust, fun profiles
  • Can like people in numerous ways
  • Allows interplay between text and pictures
  • In-app video feature

The Bad

  • Free users don’t get a lot of likes
  • No desktop version

In the End – Be Sure to Stay in Touch

 This age of technology has allowed maximum connectivity for us all. With different dating platforms offering both iPhone and Android apps, along with desktop versions too; there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to reply to matches.

Staying in touch is one of the best ways to ensure you score a fun date, or maybe even something more! We understand that sometimes conversations die out, and that’s nobody’s fault. However, you can always message a day or two later and start another conversation – no harm in that!

All the best!


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