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Coronavirus: Dr. Tom’s Thoughts

Some Common Sense Coronavirus
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Okay, let’s talk…err you read, I’ll talk…write, whatever.

Now, why am I being so silly when I’m talking about the latest deadly virus almost pandemic hitting the world?

Because this is about as serious as anyone needs to be about this virus. Yep, the new Chinese coronavirus is sweeping the world…oh wait not really, but it will be near you before you really know it. Heck probably by end of March you too will have caught it and suffered for a few days and moved on.

Coronavirus: Do We Really Have To Panic?

Yep, it’s just the common cold. Sorry, this is really not a big deal. And luckily while a few folks are trying to scare you, many more who aren’t getting the press time are doing like I’m doing and reminding you- unless you are immuno-compromised, or have a poor immune system [think the young and the elderly- as you always hear], this virus is most likely not gonna do anything horrible to you.

Look right now at the graph listed in this insipid article- it shows that in 12 days this went from a few cases to over 450… in a country of 1+ billion. And there have been 9 deaths- a 1 in 50 death rate. It seems pretty high. Except, this has all the symptoms of the common cold in everyone who has a normal immune system.

Ok I keep saying the same as the common cold, you think, but 1 in 50 deaths is HIGH… except how many people go to the doctor when they have a common cold? How many MORE people go to their local store and just buy some cough medicine, etc and never bother anyone? The only cases being reported are those that have taken the time to go to a doctor/medical group. The reality is that there is probably about 10x this many cases. Think about how quickly a cold passes through a school/workplace. In a month generally, everyone who is going to get sick does.

How many of those folks have died? Well sadly it does happen- if you’re a sports fan in the US and read articles on sports then you most likely heard about a young 34-year-old name Edward Aschoff who died from pneumonia and turns out to have had a sudden onset of an autoimmune disease that had gone undiagnosed. But besides these rare cases, most folks don’t get deathly sick. Only those who have problems regularly and those that are most inclined to visit a doctor for such problems are the ones being diagnosed [maybe actually being tested for] this new virus.

Much like SARS and MERS, this is being blown up because someone wants some fame and researchers are going to want money. A vaccine will probably get developed because it makes good news. Heck, I was working in a place that was getting a MERS vaccine ready for the public despite it not being a major problem.

Coronavirus Will Kill Fewer People than the Flu

As I was telling people this ‘deadly’ virus will kill fewer people than the flu. You most likely will be able to combine all the deaths from this, MERS, and SARS and still kill less than the flu.

More People Will Die From The Flu Than Coronavirus
Coronavirus Will Kill Fewer People than the Flu

But as a reminder, when you get sick- don’t push yourself. Seriously, THAT is the main reason for deaths in people not in the usual categories- over-doing it while sick. The big swine-flu scare years ago started because a large portion of people dying was between- 20-40 years old– but they were mostly in poor regions where you could never take time off from work and lacked resources to properly care for themselves while sick.

So take time off from work, rest, drink, take some medicine to keep your temperature down, and if you feel you aren’t getting better see your doctor.

But please forget about this ‘pandemic’ and live your lives normally. This too shall pass.

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