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Damon Becnel Shares 10 Reasons Why Land Development Positively Impacts Communities

Damon Becnel

Land development is a process of turning raw land into developed properties. This means that the developer, or builder, will clear the property and layout roads and other infrastructure to prepare it for construction. It’s important to understand how this impacts both you as an individual homeowner and your community at large so that you can make informed decisions about what kind of development you want in your area!

Land development is an incredibly profitable business. Land developers are always looking for the next area to develop, which means creating jobs and hiring people from their community to make it happen. They also bring new infrastructure into towns, such as roads and buildings, so that the property looks nicer and more appealing than what was there before when it was undeveloped land.

In this article, Damon Becnel will discuss ten positive effects that land development has on communities.

Increased Tax Revenue

It’s a major boost for communities because of all these benefits. On top of this, some cities benefit economically by attracting different industries like manufacturing, retail, and professional services.

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Improved Infrastructure

As mentioned, land developers bring in new infrastructure. This is typically above and beyond the basic requirements for a developed area such as sidewalks or curbs. They also help with water supply, sewage systems, roads, streetlights, storm drains, and power lines. To name just a few improvements, they make possible that are not available on undeveloped property.

More Jobs Created

Since a land developer hires people to help with all the work, everyone has more jobs as they’re doing things like surveying properties and building houses. This means that communities have an influx of new residents who need housing options to move into town.

Damon Becnel Shares 10 Reasons Why Land Development Positively Impacts Communities 1

Better Schools

Land developers also mean more families moving into town. When this happens, schools have to increase enrollment to accommodate the influx of new students, leading to higher quality education and more opportunities for kids.

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Improved Quality Of Life

The population increase leads to better schools due to increased enrollment which makes them function better than before (more teachers and students) plus healthier food choices (as grocery stores pop up). The walkable environments also make it easier for families or individuals because they don’t have to drive anywhere from office space or stores. Plus, these neighborhoods offer higher quality goods at closer proximity thanks to such amenities being built nearby, too, so you can find anything easily within a mile or two.

Damon Becnel Shares 10 Reasons Why Land Development Positively Impacts Communities 2

Diversified Housing Options

There are both single-family and multi-unit housing options available to everyone. This means that there’s something for everybody whether they’re a family of four or someone who prefers living alone.

The diverse number of homes means more affordability because people can find anything from tiny houses to sprawling mansions in their price range without being limited by the size, layout, or other details only found on older properties. Plus, land developers have an eye for not just your typical style but also what might be popular now. Hence, you get updates with new styles every few years, such as updated kitchens or bathrooms plus modern amenities like central heating/cooling systems and solar panels if desired (you don’t need this at all though since it’s not a requirement).

Community Involvement

This is another way that land developers provide benefits to the community. They’ll collaborate with leaders to make sure this plan will work for everyone and even consult residents on new ideas or plans for development so they can get feedback before making any final decisions. Damon Becnel believes that consulting people about things like where parking should go, which street needs more sidewalks, and whether a certain area would be better off as housing versus commercial space.

Lower Crime Rates

It’s been proven that crime rates in an area are lowered when there is more development because of less need for abandoned buildings and empty lots. More adults living nearby also means that they can provide the supervision needed by children (e.g., not letting them play outside unsupervised) while still encouraging their independence at the same time through better walking environments too!

Improved Local Economy

Local retail chains will have more opportunities for growth and expansion, which means they’ll be hiring new employees from the local area. This can create new jobs then people can take advantage of because now there’s a need for them like management positions or customer service workers. Plus, housing has increased leading, along with to demand for all types of goods. Making it possible for those businesses to start operating on a 24-hour schedule.

More Public Services Provided by Land Developers

Another important thing land developers do is provide public services such as parks, libraries, schools (both elementary and secondary), playgrounds, bike paths/trails, sidewalks, and more. These are all things that a city has to provide for itself, but the developer can do it because they’re building on their property, which means they can afford to invest in these types of public amenities.

Final Thoughts

Damon Becnel agrees that land development is an incredibly profitable business with many benefits for communities. These benefits include increased tax revenue through taxation (the city gets money), new jobs created (more income opportunities), plus better schools and housing options due to population growth with families moving in or coming back home after college.

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