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Different Types of Crimes and the Judgements Given in the US

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Crime in the US has become scary. There has been a steady rise in crime, and citizens no longer feel safe. Every year, thousands of lives and properties are lost to crimes

The reasons for crimes are numerous, and most reasons for it are poverty, unemployment, drugs, religion, and so on. The impact of crime affects both the citizens and the society. 

In fact, societies with high crime rates can barely progress because there can not be advancement and destruction at the same time. Although the US has put measures in place to curb crime, the country is still faced with the issue. Below are different types of crimes in the US and their possible penalties.

Usual Crimes Experienced in the US

  1. Murder

Murder is a crime that involves one taking the life of another. It is a grave crime that comes with serious judgments. Murder can attract a judgment of more than 50 years. In some cases, the crime attracts the death penalty. 

If you are accused of murder, the only way out is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Even if they don’t win your case, they’ll get you a reasonable deal.

  1. Drug-Related Crimes

Drug crimes are very serious crimes with consequences. Drugs are dangerous to one’s health and can cause various complications. If you are found with large quantities of drugs or you are caught as a distributor, you will serve jail time. 

The penalty for drug crimes can be 30 years in jail, alongside fines running into tens of thousands of dollars. The monetary profit from dealing drugs can be tempting, but you will have to spend it all on the services of a criminal defense lawyer when you get caught.

  1. Vehicle Theft

In the US, car theft is one of the prominent crimes. Without a proper car lock and an alarm system, your car is at the risk of being stolen.

To be on the safe side, install an alarm system and never leave important things in your car when it’s parked.

The punishment for car theft depends on the type of car stolen and the state where the theft happened. In California, for instance, car theft is considered a misdemeanor the first time, but if it’s a repeated crime, it’s considered a felony.

  1. Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can be against a child, adult, and of any gender. It is considered a felony in the US and many other societies. Sexual assault against children often attracts higher judgment.

The punishment for the crime depends on the jurisdiction and the circumstances surrounding the act. A sex offender can get up to twenty-five to thirty years of jail term.

  1. Arson

Arson is a crime where properties and buildings are deliberately set on fire by an arsonist. Arson puts the environment and lives of people at risk.

You can get a twenty-five years jail term for first-degree arson. There is also the chance of getting a twenty-five thousand dollars fine.

  1. Kidnapping

Kidnapping is forcefully taking someone and keeping them against their will. Most kidnappers ask for ransom from the family of their victims. Kidnapping with guns comes with severe punishment.

Kidnapping can come with a jail term of twenty-five years or longer. You might have to pay fines and face other penalties even after serving your time.

  1. Driving While Intoxicated (DUI)

In the United States, driving while under an influence is a common crime. It is expected that a driver must have a blood alcohol concentration of less than 0.08%. Anything higher will be considered illegal.

The penalties that come with this crime are getting a jail term and probably having your license revoked.

  1. Burglary

Burglary is a frequently committed crime in the US and many other countries. It can occur on private property, vehicles, boats, etc.

It involves trespassing on someone’s property with the plan of stealing. Often, it is associated with property damage or bodily harm. Burglary can attract a penalty of ten years in prison.

  1. Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault or violent crime is an attack on another with the intention of causing injury. Violent crime is mostly associated with weapons.

If there was physical contact, the defendant could face eight years jail term. If any deadly weapon was used or any injury involved, the defendant can face up to twenty years in prison.

Reasons for Crime

Crime has existed for as long as humanity can remember. Even with the punishment attached, more people still go into crime. One may wonder why people take such risks and what moves them to do so.

  • Drugs are one of the reasons why there is a prevalence of crime. When people get high on drugs and alcohol, they lose their minds and indulge in acts that are incriminating. 

Besides, drug addicts will do anything to get money and keep the drugs coming. They can’t stand running out of supply. So for them, theft may be the only option to keep getting more drugs.

  • Peer pressure is another cause of crime. Oftentimes, when people have criminals as friends, they are pressured into committing the same crime. This is to show loyalty and to feel among.
  • Unemployment may sound like a problem only for developing countries. But some developed countries have the challenge as well. Unemployment is a driving force as long as crime is concerned. Some people don’t have jobs to pay off their bills, so they partake in crime.
  • Politics is arguably one of the major reasons for crime. Some politicians equip their supporters with weapons and hire mobs to disrupt the administration of their opponents. 

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Crimes are of various types and degrees. While some crimes don’t physically hurt anyone, others can damage lives and properties. Irrespective of the result, crime should never be encouraged. Also, penalties have been put in place to ensure that the crime rate is reduced as much as possible.

Some crime penalties are jail terms for a number of years, and some require fines, while others require both jail terms and fines. If you have been accused of any crime, endeavor to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


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