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Enrique Iglesias Review: The King of Latin Pop

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Enrique IglesiasHero, Bailando, Be With You, I Like it, Escape, Heartbeat

Known affectionately as the ‘King of Latin Pop’, Enrique Iglesias is a singer, model, producer and songwriter. Born in Madrid on the 8th May 1975 to Spanish-Filipino parents, Iglesias started his music career under the stage name Enrique Martinez. 

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona (Español)
Apr 11, 2014
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In the 1990s, the aspiring singer was signed to Fonovisa Records, a label, which specialized in Spanish-English music. Initially releasing music under the name Enrique Martinez, he switched to his high-profile surname before shooting to fame at the end of the 90s. By the year 2000, Enrique Iglesias was a household name and he became one of the biggest stars in the US and Latin America. His catchy songs enabled him to successfully conquer the mainstream market in America and he signed a huge deal with the Universal Music Group to release his Spanish songs.

At the same time, he had a contract with Interscope Records to sell English tracks. In 2010, he moved from Interscope Records to Republic Records, another sub-section of Universal. After a decade of working with Universal, Iglesias signed with Sony in 2015. 


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