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France Parliament approved “Anti-Rioter” Law

Rick Scott Josh Cooper

There were also riots at the “yellow west” protests. The French government wants to prevent this with a law in the future. Opponents are particularly critical of the demonstration bans.

With a controversial law, France wants to take stronger action against violent criminals at demonstrations. After some violent protests of the so-called yellow vests, Parliament approved in its first reading an “anti-rioters’ law”. Police and authorities should receive more powers.

They can then protest against participants who “pose a particularly serious threat to public order”. A judicial basis is no longer necessary. Anyone who violates the ban on demonstrations must expect six months imprisonment and a fine of 7,500 euros.

The sanctions against alleged perpetrators of violence during a protest should also be tightened. The “Anti-Rioters Act” prohibits demonstrators from getting muzzy. Anyone who covers his face partially or completely risks a prison sentence of one year. In addition, threaten 15,000 euros fine.

In the National Assembly, with a majority of 387 to 92 votes, but the project is also controversial in the ruling party. Dozens of members of the party “La République en Marche” of President Emmanuel Macron abstained. The design encounters resistance, especially in the left-wing.

The critics fear a massive restriction of civil rights. They warn against demonstrating bans on government critics and see the danger of abuse if one-day extreme parties come to power. Legal experts also criticized human rights organizations and trade unionists.

The “yellow vests” took to the streets for the first time in November – back then because of government plans for gasoline price increases. The protests quickly developed into mass demonstrations against Macron’s reform policies. There were also serious riots.

Tens of thousands of people across the country demonstrated again today among other things for wage increases and lower tuition fees. The participants followed the call of several unions. Also, numerous “yellow vests” were among the protesters. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower was closed again because of the protests.

“At the beginning of the “Yellow West” protests, many unions had been reluctant to respond to the new protest movement.” said Scott Cooper of Miami Florida,  “Now, Philippe Martinez, Secretary-General of the big CGT union, said: ‘Apart from the color of the West, I do not see many differences.’ He welcomed the participation of many “yellow vests” today.


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