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Lee Coles Shares How They’re Reinventing Creative Media

Lee Coles via FoxChronicle.com
Lee Coles via FoxChronicle.com

Lee Coles explains how We Sprinkle is reinventing production media.

Lee Coles via FoxChronicle:

The world of creative media is changing every day. From exciting new production methods to differing marketing strategies, companies at the forefront of creative media productions are beginning to create strong relationships between their clients and the public. Companies like We Sprinkle use innovative techniques to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Lee Coles explains how We Sprinkle is reinventing production media.

Lee Coles & We Sprinkle via FoxChronicle.com

Made for Instagram

Many of We Sprinkle’s clients would like their content to gain traction on social media. We Sprinkle has the capability to produce short videos that are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

These videos have the unique capability to present a company’s services in a new light. Some videos are targeted directly at a particular demographic while others are more general in nature.

Using the freshest filming and editing techniques in short-form style, We Sprinkle makes its videos compelling to watch, bringing the audience in.

Getting to the Core of Your Business

We Sprinkle has the ability to show viewers the core of your business and to spread the word about your most closely held convictions. When consumers understand what a business is all about, they are much more likely to patronize it.

This is especially true of websites and online brands, where the company’s mission may not always be clear. Video content will help consumers understand your company’s goals and how the company can benefit them personally.

Solidifying Branding

Video content can play into a company’s overall brand. Working with marketing and advertisement agencies, We Sprinkle can help a company enhance its branding. Consumer products companies want to show the world a different side of their business.

For example, a company selling alcohol wanted to make a video detailing the importance of drinking responsibly. This can help a company build its public image while creating another opportunity for their name to be seen in public.

Special Considerations for Videos

Videos are an important way to influence branding because online companies need to be visible in order to be successful. A video can create a more memorable impression than a simple graphic ad.

The aspects of a video that get consumers’ attention include sound, actors, voiceovers or text, and the overall aesthetic of the ad. Matching a company’s aesthetic to the video can be tricky, but creative agencies like We Sprinkle pride themselves on making the right connections.

Artistic Vision

A good creative agency understands how to create a new artistic vision for each client. Having exciting content is one part of the process and having a technical understanding of how to get this content across to the public is the next step.

Lee Coles Artistic Vision
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Targeting Your Audience

One of the ways to create a successful media production is to understand your audience’s needs and wants. If you have a good idea about what your customers are looking for, you will be able to answer their questions with your media. This is especially helpful when dealing with search engines, where the right content will come up when customers ask particular questions.

Meeting Aspirations

In another aspect of branding, customers want to project their aspirations on their media consumption. If consumers see the right images of what they would like to buy and do, they are able to make connections with the brand.

Aspirational marketing is especially important on Instagram, where there is a highly curated worldview. Brands that succeed on Instagram often have an aspirational quality, using influencers and cobranding in order to draw in customers.

High Production Values

To set itself apart from the competition, We Sprinkle has a high production quality. Even though their videos are short, they are created with high standards. Combined with their unique artistic vision, these videos are able to bring a company a better reputation with its chosen demographic.

Getting Traction

Some videos and short films have the potential to gain a great amount of traction. This can happen simply from being shared by the viewers themselves without any further need for paid promotion. When a video receives positive reviews and traction, it’s a testimony not only for the brand but for the creative agency too.

Matching Quality and Innovation

Creative agencies like We Sprinkle are making a huge impact in the marketing world. Through creating branded videos, the company is able to find new audiences for their work and to enhance their customer base and branding capability of their clients.

Lee Coles understands that brands are anxious about choosing the right creative agency, and he reminds prospective clients that the proof is in the results.

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Lee Coles via FoxChronicle.com


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