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Matt Redhawk Discusses 7 Reasons Why Preparedness Is Important In 2020

Matt Redhawk
Matt Redhawk, CEO of My Patriot Supply

Matt Redhawk via FoxChronicle.com

Preparedness has always been important, but it has taken on a new meaning in 2020. Economic collapse and social disruption have made their mark on today’s society. People who were accustomed to getting whatever they needed in stores or online have been stymied by lower inventories and increased prices for common household goods. The fragility of the economy underscores the need for individuals and businesses to practice preparedness at all times.

My Patriot Supply CEO Matt Redhawk explains why preparedness should be the cornerstone of our lives at all times, not just in difficult years like this one.


Preparedness means having a certain level of independence from the standard supply chain. This applies to commodities like food and housing as well as utilities and water. When people can take on some of these responsibilities themselves, they will find that they are more prepared for disruption. For example, drilling a well, installing a solar electricity system, and planting a garden are ways that people can enhance their independence.

Matt Redhawk Discusses Being Prepared During A Pandemic

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Being independent means that you will need to be able to take care of your family even without social supports. Parents should be prepared to homeschool their children. If it is possible to work from home, people should be set up to do so.


Having the means to support your own family can bring you a feeling of security that is difficult to achieve in any other way. When you cannot rely on the government or social services to help you live your life, it is important to preserve your family’s security. Many people feel that they need to protect themselves using defensive measures. You should always make sure that you are properly trained to use them safely and that they are safely locked up to keep them away from children.

Matt Redhawk Planning Ahead
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Planning Ahead

When you are living on your own and cannot rely on the supply chain, it is a good idea to have many months’ worth of food and water stored at your home, along with necessary household supplies like medical supplies and prescriptions. It is possible to buy many freeze-dried foods and other shelf-stable preparations from online and physical retailers. With these foods on hand, you can be certain that your family will not go hungry even if your usual means of survival are not available.

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These foods should be supplemented with fresh foods for the health of your family, so it is important to make sure that you have a way of getting fresh produce, like a garden. Canning your garden products will mean that you can use them throughout the winter and in emergency situations.

Economic Preparedness

Today’s severe disruptions in the economy have been easier to deal with for families who already had a strong savings plan. Ideally, each household should have an emergency savings account with at least three months’ worth of daily expenses covered. If your family has not saved this much money, there is no time like the present to begin doing so. Make sure that you are also paying off your high-interest debt to preserve your financial security.

Be sure to budget carefully and live within your means. Use cash when at all possible to preserve your credit line for unexpected expenses. If you are tightening your belt on monthly expenses, you will be more prepared for life’s challenges.

Matt Redhawk Pandemic
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Build Relationships

When society has been disrupted, it is important to have good relationships with your neighbors. Having strong bonds with your community will help you when you are having difficulties. If you are disconnected from your community, you will miss out on the benefits of sharing time and resources.

Natural Disasters

Today’s economic disruptions have been at the forefront, but in many parts of the country, it is also necessary to be wary of possible natural disasters. Having enough food and water at home to last at least 30 days is a good start. You should also know how to protect your property against the common hazards that occur during severe storms. Having a generator or solar power means that you will be able to keep your home systems running during storms.

The Ability to Move Quickly

In an emergency, your family may have to leave the area quickly, as in the case of a wildfire or other natural disaster. In this case, you will need to have supplies at the ready so that you can leave your home for up to 30 days. Make sure that you pack enough clothing, food, medical supplies, and prescriptions, as well as pet supplies, and have them in a convenient space where you can quickly grab them if you need to evacuate.

Emergency Preparedness Works

When you and your family take these steps, you will be more independent and ready to take on economic, social, and natural challenges. Keeping your family safe is the most important aspect of preparedness, and whatever you can do to secure their future is worthwhile. Matt Redhawk believes that every family should be prepared to live off the grid if necessary and that it is worthwhile to be prepared for several months of disruption.

Matt Redhawk via FoxChronicle.com


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