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New E-Book Of Journey on foot by Fernando Ochoa Launched

Ninety years ago the book Journey on Foot of Two Amateur Philosophers, by Colombian writer and thinker Fernando González, was published, a work that recounts the trip he made at the age of 35, almost always on foot, from the town of Envigado near Medellín to the port of Buenaventura.

On the Pacific coast in the company of his friend and colleague, the lawyer Benjamín Correa, and who undertook, as stated in the prologue, to maintain the “youthful elasticity of their bodies”; that is, to preserve and strengthen their vital physical forces.

But in this book González does not describe us so much the places, landscapes and people he finds, but above all he speaks to us or exposes what he thinks of the life of men, of their natural forces and energies, of the Nietzschean superman who accepts and assumes that life as it is of the containment method to live with wisdom that Pascal taught him.

The fact of learning to be chaste in order to fully and authentically enjoy the enjoyment of the senses, the meaning of youth charged with vitality that prevents them from thinking about the fate of death and old age in which, by On the contrary, men, stripped of these vital forces by the passage of time, see and clearly recognize the image of their death.

Which is approaching them peremptorily, of the temporary and temporary nature of their natural lives in the nature of this land that fertilizes, nourishes and embraces them, of the two types of human beings that they consider characteristic of the modern world.

Those who make fortune and those who are dedicated to acting ; of the role and central and absorbing meaning of money, which has become the king of the world since the leaders of the Catholic Church decided, at the beginning of the 16th century, “to sell money for eternity, eternal salvation” from hunger, love and fear.

Which considers the engines that drive men to live: the hunger that leads them to find the necessary food to preserve their organisms or bodies, the love that pushes them to seek each other to nourish and widen your senses and spirits,

Therefore, his journey ends precisely when he says he listens, wrapped and transported by the musical sounds of the wind, the voice of divine perfection, the voice of God, who speaks to him at the time he bathes in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in the Buenaventura harbor; a voice that springs from the harmonious sounds of that sea wind that forges the image of its infinite presence.


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