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Kingsley Akpochafo Okbege, A Pawn In A Global Nigerian Crypto Scam

The Nigerian Crypto Scam

Nigerian crypto scam pawn, Kingsley Akpochafo Okbege, is part of a global network that defrauded investors out of millions of dollars. The scam was centered around bitcoin and involved fake investment schemes that promised high returns. Nigeria has become a hotbed for crypto scams in recent years, as criminals take advantage of the lack of regulation in the country.

The Nigerian Crypto Scam Victim

Jeffry Gonzalez is a small crypto investor. He was in a Shiba Inu group on Facebook and some members of the group suggested that he invest with Derick Richard Jaxon for great returns. After doing a less than complete due diligence, which included checking Jaxon’s Facebook profile, Gonzalez transferred a total of $13,250 to the following Bitcoin address: “1MfeDVXg4emyqqPAWHUiWewpTUpJHichL6”

What is a Bitcoin address?

“A Bitcoin address is simply a code that allows you to interact with the Bitcoin network,” according to Ramon Garcia, former FBI Special Agent, and chief of CNC Intelligence Private Investigation Services, “You can think of it as an email address or a mailing address. In order to receive Bitcoins, you need to have a Bitcoin address. And in order to send Bitcoins, you need the recipient’s Bitcoin address. It’s that simple.”

After a few months, Gonzalez realized he may have been scammed. Jaxon continued to give Gonzalez the runaround about the performance of his Bitcoin investment. Jaxon had the nerve to demand an additional investment and went as far as threatening Gonzalez when he refused to send any more.

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Gonzalez Hires CNC Intelligence

It was at this point that Mr. Gonzalez contacted CNC Intelligence, a crypto intelligence group with offices in Utah and the State of Israel.

CNC Intelligence conducted a forensic analysis of Gonzalez’s BTC transfers, otherwise known as “crypto-asset tracing,” identified wallets where his BTC was transferred, and was able to identify the bitcoin scammer, “Jaxon” as Kingsley Akpochafo Ogbeke of Nigeria. 

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Kingsley Gives Up His Boss, Osinaka Pius Mkpuma Mkpuma

Kingsley Akpochafo Okbege, A Pawn In A Global Nigerian Crypto Scam 1

With CNC’s guidance, Gonzalez contacted Kingsley Akpochafo Okbege and demanded back his investment. Kingsley returned the sum of $1,400 to Gonzalez and claimed the rest of the funds were taken by his boss, Osinaka Pius Mkpuma Mkpuma. Neither Kingsley nor Osinaka has returned any additional funds to Gonzalez.

Calls to Kingsley Akpochafo Okbege and Osinaka Pius Mkpuma Mkpuma have not been returned.

Nigerian Police Force and Central Bank of Nigeria Have A Zero-Tolerance For Crypto Fraud

The matter has since been turned over to the Nigerian Police Force for prosecution. The arrests of Kingsley and Osinaka are expected any day.

This reporter has been assured that since November 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria has been working closely with the Nigerian Police Force to crack down on crypto scammers and rid the country of this nuisance. Nigeria recently became the first African nation to release its own digital currency, the eNaira, in a step some crypto experts and users believe is meant to quell the use of cryptocurrency fraud.

If you have any information on crypto scams, and want to help bring these scammers to justice, and prevent others from becoming victims, please email [email protected].

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