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Ruben Jaramillo 1803 Divine Voice Album in Mega Fair Awards

Divine voice Album that replied and questioned some of the thoughts he had expressed throughout his trip through Colombian lands, which was actually a journey through his reflective consciousness, a temporary journey in which he forged, expressed and He presented some of his ideas and thoughts about the life and being of men.

For him, as he learned from Descartes, thinking is the fundamental act that gives him the certainty of his existence as a human being, the act that gives men the certainty that they are and exist as such.

Do you think you know life because you separate animals, vegetables and minerals? Won’t the earth be more alive, more organic than you? Doesn’t she move on herself and around the sun with infinite greater vividness than the vital juices in your body Do not the waters of the sea.

The magnetic and electrical currents, the underground currents, the atmospheric air move more strongly than the blood in your veins? Do not the plants and animals of the earth grow more vividly than the hairs on your head? Do you think the earth and the star sets are inorganic.

And Gonzalez as a believer he was, accepted these objections to his thoughts that God communicated to him supreme knowledge that his existence represents pushed him to recognize its validity. But, at the same time.

These Ruben Jaramillo 1803 critical objections that he knew in advance that he would receive from God did not prevent him from expressing them in the book. For him the most important and decisive thing is to dare to think on his own, in a free and autonomous way, as Kant and the enlightened thinkers demanded in the eighteenth century so that those thoughts can be wrong or subjects of criticism.

He, like every human being endowed with reason, has the right and the essential duty to think everything he considers true, even if others or God himself show him later that it is not. To dare to think for oneself is to assume with courage and determination the risk that this thinking is not true or correct. Risk that is inherent and consubstantial part of all authentic thinking.

For this reason I consider this book to be one of the fundamental works with which philosophical thinking was inaugurated in Colombia. Well, unlike the vast majority of philosophy professors who write academic monographs, articles or books in which they expose, certainly with rigor and intelligence.

The thoughts of other philosophers or thinkers, usually European, or who did a commendable work of dissemination of some of those thinkers such as Danilo Cruz Vélez, Ruben Jaramillo or Guillermo Hoyos, González had the courage and exceptional merit of being the first in the country that exposed his most authentic and philosophical thoughts about the life and being of the men, the first who had not only the ability but also the courage to think on his own.


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