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Rusty Tweed Discusses Financial Responsibility Within The Housing Market

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Financial responsibility is an essential topic in the real estate market. Investors and property owners need to practice the principles of financial responsibility in their daily work. When companies do not take responsibility for economic issues, they endanger their bottom line and open themselves up to lawsuits or other legal action.

Rusty Tweed explains how real estate professionals can follow the principles of financial responsibility to run their businesses smoothly.

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Rusty Tweed Financial Housing Market
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1. Resilient Markets

Financially responsible property investors work to create prosperity. They make equitable contracts, invest in their local communities, and make sure that their buildings are up to health codes and conserve energy and materials.

Making sure that contracts are fair is important to a responsible investor. It is a good idea to preserve as much capital as possible and to make sure that the contract is in the investor’s favor.

Investing in the community is another financially responsible practice. When community organizations are well-funded, the local people will have a better chance of success. This may mean working with local educational and social networks. Community investment will help to ensure that the local area is in good economic shape, bringing a customer base and a quality workforce to the company entering the area.

Property Performance

Real estate investors will need to make sure that their properties are performing at a high level. This can mean investing in projects such as LEED or Energy Star. Investing in the property to upgrade its facilities, utilities, and systems will mean that the property makes a significant return on investment.

Energy and water should be used carefully. A property that wastes water and energy will make a poor investment for the buyer and tenant. It is also a good idea to preserve environmental friendliness in its own right.


Real estate investment firms should contract with the best lenders and financial institutions. They will need to contract the best deals for themselves and their investors. They need to be sure that their contracts are solid and that their money is being put into play in the correct fashion. When real estate investment firms are irresponsible with financing, they can set themselves up for future failures and possibly legal action. It is better to be above-board at all times.

Tenant Relations

Real estate investors need to decide whether they will manage their properties themselves or whether they will hire a property management firm. Either way, they need to make sure that they handle tenant relations well. Some property management firms are known for poor service, and it is best to avoid these firms even if they have the lowest rates.

When acting as a landlord directly, a financially responsible investor will be sure that all leases and contracts are airtight. They will also be able to handle property repair requests and to keep the property up-to-date. This will preserve the security of their investment for the future. Handling tenants diplomatically but firmly is a skill that investors will need to look for in their employees.

Operational Best Practices

Real estate investment firms should run in accordance with

best practice guidelines. Financing, training, employees, building management, and stakeholder relations are under consideration. Financially responsible real estate investors are engaged in running their companies well so that their customers will be successful.

If real estate firms are not trustworthy, they will not attract quality buyers or tenants to their properties. This will mean that their money will not be well-used.


Real estate investors may also be interested in purchasing Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs. These trusts are able to provide a good return on investment while requiring much less work on the part of the investor. They aggregate the returns of many different buildings in different categories. This is a good supplement for an investor’s portfolio since it can be liquidated easily.

Watching the Market

Real estate investors need to be able to keep tabs on the property markets. They should have a working knowledge of the data and statistics needed to make good decisions. Hiring a data or research specialist can be greatly useful in this case. Maintaining databases of the types of commercial, industrial, and residential properties owned by the investor can give a complete picture of how their money is being used.

Investing Responsibly

Rusty Tweed promotes financially responsible real estate investment. When these principles are followed, real estate investors will be able to use their money wisely and to keep more of their profits for reinvestment. They will be able to avoid problems stemming from legal issues and tenant relations.

Taking the time to be responsible pays dividends beyond the money saved. Building an excellent reputation in the community can help to attract buyers and investors.


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