Home News Will ShipToNaija – Nigerian Freight Forwarder – Reimburse Seeking.com Scam Victim?

Will ShipToNaija – Nigerian Freight Forwarder – Reimburse Seeking.com Scam Victim?

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ShiptoNaija Claims To Have A Zero-Tolerance For Fraud – Will They Step Up To The Plate & Reimburse The Victim?

ShiptoNaija CEO, Nduka Udeh

According to ShiptoNaija website:

With a growing increase in internet-related fraud, Shiptonaija has decided to officially work on a regular basis to direct all suspected fraud cases to the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Nigerian Police Force (NPF). These crimes have reputational damage on Nigeria and Nigerians and has affected the willingness of many companies abroad to do business with Nigerian related firm.

For online merchants and their customers, the growing threat of online theft is a real concern. With every step retailers take to tighten security and prevent malicious activity, scam artists seem to up their game and outwit them. On the special request of EFCC we have decided to work fully with them to prosecute all suspected fraud cases. 

Shiptonaija has over 150,000 customers who rely on our shipping services to transport goods from USA/UK to Nigeria. To this end, we take fraud as a very serious crime and will not hesitate to take legal actions whenever we suspect our warehouse address has been used to fraudulently purchase any item.

Shiptonaija is opposed to any form of fraud. As a business, we are committed to working to minimize the risk posed by fraud and cybercrime. This policy is therefore established to facilitate the detection and prevention of fraud committed through the Shiptonaija platform by suspected fraudsters.


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