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Top 5 Benefits of Using Online Age Verification

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Online age verification is a must for any business that sells age-restricted products. While the age verification process can seem intimidating, it’s important to remember that it’s a good thing. 

In this digital age of consumerism, more than 2.14 billion people purchase goods and services online. And about 80% of millennials shop through their smartphones. 

With these statistics in mind, age verification has become a must for businesses to ensure their customers are who they say they are and that they are selling to the right audience. 

However, if you are a business owner operating in a sector where the seemingly difficult process of age verification is required, you can relax. For now, the process is completely online and seamless. There are a few top companies that provide age verification as a service completely online and deliver optimum results.

But if you are unsure of the benefits online age verification can offer, here are five great reasons why it is important. 

Online Age Verification Drives Compliance

Compliance with age verification regulations is becoming more and more important for many industries. Online age verification is the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to ensure compliance.

Verifying an individual’s age online ensures that only authorized adults can view your content. This helps prevent underage viewers from accessing your content or interacting with your brand.

Moreover, agencies that offer these services provide an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you instant access to all of your reports without having to install any software on your computer or device. Without any no hardware required, you can access your reports with just a few taps. You can also use API if you want and if they provide, to integrate their services into your existing platform or website.

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Online Age Verification Enhances Security

Online age verification is a security measure that helps prevent fraud and underage access to adult content. It also helps prevent illegal access to adult content by minors.

In addition, online age verification enhances the security of your website by confirming that any visitor you allow on your site is actually over the legal age in their area before they can view any mature or adult-oriented material.

Online Age Verification Offers Convenience

Online age verification is a convenient option for businesses that provide products or services to consumers. When an individual makes a purchase online, they can use their credit card or debit card to make the payment. This is more convenient than going to a store and paying with cash. Online age verification also saves time because there is no need for you to come into our office in person when you want to verify someone’s age. 

Online age verification helps keep everything private because your data will not be stored on the agency’s servers unless you choose otherwise. 

Online Age Verification Prevents Fraud

Online Age Verification services provide a far more secure, reliable, and accurate way to verify age than the traditional method of showing ID at the door. By doing so, they reduce your risk of fraud, identity theft, and credit card fraud while also preventing underage drinking, underage gambling, and underage smoking.

Online Age Verification solutions allow you to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content on your website or app by requiring them to enter their date of birth before gaining access to any restricted pages or sections. This makes it impossible for anyone under 18 years old (or whatever the legal age is required in your jurisdiction) to use these materials without first providing proof that they are old enough to do so.

Businesses Generate Profits Through Age Verification

Online age verification services are a great way to generate revenue. Age verification services help you comply with regulations and prevent fraud, which can save you money. Online age verification is also convenient for customers, so they’ll be more likely to make purchases from your website or app.

In Conclusion

Online age verification is a legal requirement for many types of online sales, such as gambling and alcohol. However, it can also be used to verify the age of other users. For example, it’s often used in adult entertainment and dating websites.

Overall, online age verification brings numerous benefits to businesses and consumers. It promises convenience for customers, real-time identity confirmation for websites and apps, and improved trust between the two parties involved, all without compromising on security. 

There’s no reason not to start using it today!



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