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Total 130 Pieces Made by 40 Artisans in An Hour

The exhibition is made up of more than 130 pieces made by 40 artisans, which seeks to reflect the mastery, excellence and quality of the trades taught in the School, promoting knowledge of know-how.

Among the objects to be displayed, an attractive combination of materials can be seen. Such is the case of leather wallets with shappé linen and silk containers, trays and service tables made of wood with appliques in different metals and buckets with leather and metal finishes.

Woods such as bell, carob, pui and fine heart were selected for the preparation of utilitarian items to serve the table, such as bowls, plates, pepper shakers, sugar bowls and spoons, in which techniques such as carving, lathe and hand finishes are highlighted the natural beauty of the material. In this same line of products, bags, paneras, napkins, individual and linen folders will be displayed in which organic and geometric figures embroidered by hand, inspired by nature, are highlighted.

Attendees at the art gallery will appreciate various pieces in smooth and engraved vegetable nappa leather, floatter and chamois leather, in which the skill and skill of artisan hands can be observed in the fine finishes of leather goods such as handbags , briefcases, bags, wallets and belts that are part of the collection.

Among the most striking pieces are decorative bowls in sterling silver 1000, made with techniques such as milkshake and chiseled, with matt finishes. You can also appreciate the beauty and quality of copper turned and enameled bowls.

The softness of the alpaca and silk thread is present in blankets, shawls and scarves available in ranges of blue and gray, carefully embroidered by hand with cotton threads, which enrich these garments with texture and color.

“Much of the sale of the objects in the collection will go to the School’s scholarship fund, which seeks to offer training opportunities to people who find their life project in the trades,” said Laura Mejía Flórez, who runs the School .


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