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TSE White Party Miami Features Limor Neuman As Woman of the Month at Trump Resort Sunny Isles

TSE Miami

TSE White Party Miami Will Be A Star-Studded Event

The TSE White Party Miami will be held at the Trump Resort Sunny Isles on November 20th. It is expected to be a weekend of inspiration with good friends, good food, inspiring lectures, and an opportunity to make lifelong connections.

Limor Neuman
Limor Neuman of Limor Inc

The event will feature Limor Neuman, Miami’s #1 rated “Hair Stylist to the Rich & Famous.”

The Saturday night program includes opening remarks with Talia Rapps, CEO of Tal Connections & Founder of TSE. Also in attendance will be Liana Zavo, CEO & Founder of ZavoMedia Group, Esther Arankachi, TSE Operations Director, DJ Mike Dice, Chef Shimi Alon, and Mason Hunt Entertainment.

TSE Miami Weekend Getaway

Talia Rapps & The Spiritual Escape

Talia Rapps TSE
Talia Rapps, Founder of The Spiritual Escape

The Spiritual Escape’s mission is to create events for the motivated and positive life warriors. Strong-willed and positive individuals, no discrimination, those who want to connect, network, mingle, socialize, and build long-lasting relationships with other like-minded individuals. 

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Founded by Talia Rapps, it started as a female entrepreneur support group. Through Covid and its changes in life, in general, the mission was changed to spread love and unity to support all individuals who want to really get out there and connect on a spiritual level with others.

TSE White Party Miami Features Limor Neuman As Woman of the Month at Trump Resort Sunny Isles 1

Whether it’s singles meetings, couples who socialize to create friendships with other couples, business people networking to meet other business connections ….whatever it is, TSE is ready to change the typical “event” to a new outlook on the way to “meet others”. Building meaningful and long-lasting relationships through TSE events is just the stepping stone to a whole new outlook on meeting others. 

Talia Rapps is an entrepreneur, CEO of Tal Connections LLC, a healthcare recruiting company, and the founder of The Total Revolution. Talia left the health care Industry in 2020 to pursue her passion to change the world, one person, at a time through her nonprofit organization, The Spiritual Escape.

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Limor Neuman of Limor Inc

TSE White Party Miami Features Limor Neuman As Woman of the Month at Trump Resort Sunny Isles 2
Limor Neuman of Limor Inc.

Limor Neuman was recently ranked #1 on Miami’s Best of the Best Salons and Hair Stylists on a list that included Rossano Ferretti at the Faena, Danny Jelaca, Oren Lankri, and IGK Jair.

Would you fly across the globe in a private jet to meet your hairstylist? Do you know where the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models go to look pretty before a night on the town? Can you guess where Latin America’s wealthiest woman gets her hair done?

Limor Inc’s portfolio of clients has included HRH Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana, Cameron Diaz, Claudia Schiffer, Miranda Kerr, Alicia Silverstone, Bette Midler, Sean Paul Music Video, and Victoria Secret Runway.

If you guessed anyone but Limor Neuman of Limor Inc (@limorinc), you aren’t “in the know”. An Israeli hair artist that got her start at Bergdorf Goodman in NY and alongside John Barrett, she has risen to international fame. Limor Neuman will pamper clients in the comfort of their homes or luxury hotel.

From custom hair extensions and coloring to Pro Addiction and cuts, Limor Inc is known for its balayage and beach waves.

Liana Zavo, CEO & Founder of ZavoMedia Public Relations Group

TSE White Party Miami Features Limor Neuman As Woman of the Month at Trump Resort Sunny Isles 3
Liana Zavo, Zavo Media

Liana Zavo’s (@ladyzavotv) strong suit is digital storytelling and personal brand development. As a PR maven and expert, Zavo helps establish professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and social impact brands as authorities in their niche.

ZavoMedia PR Group is a boutique public relations agency that works with nonprofits, professionals, small business owners, and social impact brands to increase their visibility in the media, and online.

Zavo Media’s team of experts specialize in content creation, media buying, digital and social strategy, and influencer marketing. Over the last 6 years, Zavo has transformed 210 clients’ digital footprints and has launched a #1 business podcast What Makes A Woman on Apple Podcast. Notable clients include ZAVO NYC, CHIC NYC, Thoughtcloud, Global Influencer Ambassador, Andrea Castimatidis, and Rockefeller Empire. 

TSE White Party Miami Features Limor Neuman As Woman of the Month at Trump Resort Sunny Isles 4
Esther Arankanchi, TSE

Esther Arankachi, Executive Coordinator

Esther Arankachi has been part of The Total Revolution since its ribbon-cutting in 2017 and through its metamorphosis to The Spiritual Escape in 2020. She has a passion for uniting like-minded individuals, and her talent for “manning the room” makes her role with this organization so valuable. As the Executive Coordinator, and more, she makes the events look like they were magically created. She brings people together and makes sure to create meaningful networking introductions among the guests. 

DJ Mike Dice

Mike Nisanov, also famously known as DJ Mike, is a well-known DJ in NYC nightclubs and private events. Those who know Mike know him for his upbeat personality and his passion to please his clients.

Chef Shimi Alon of Meat Bar

The event will be catered by Chef Shimi Alon. Meat Bar Bay Harbor is a high-end Kosher steakhouse that was recently opened by Chef Shimi Alon, with a goal to maintain the highest standards of the world-class restaurant to the Kosher consumers in South Florida.

TSE Future Events

TSE’s next event is at the stunning Hudson Yards 90th floor rooftop vibe circular glass view on December 16th. TSE will be honoring health care workers, showing appreciation for the front-line fighters against the pandemic.

TSE White Party Miami Features Limor Neuman As Woman of the Month at Trump Resort Sunny Isles 5


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