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Coronavirus and the New Normal: Fight Unemployment with Tech Skills

Unemployment Covid-19
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Unemployment In A Covid-19 World

The Covid-19 pandemic left us with a very different world. It left many people unemployed and without any hope of getting a new job easily. Instead of giving up, look for things you can do to improve your chances of finding a new job. Below you can see how to fight unemployment by learning tech skills. 

Unemployment Leads to Shortage in the Tech Industry

The tech industry grows as fast as technology itself, and the number of qualified professionals hasn’t met the demand. A management consulting firm says that by 2030, the world will have a shortage of more than 80 million tech workers. The United States alone will have a six million deficit.

Even though tech companies are applying different strategies to increase the learning opportunities in the industry, the numbers could be more than predicted. It is also true that many people avoid tech careers because they believe them to be more challenging and related to too many numbers and math. 

But, the reality is that not all tech careers are like that. Nowadays, many professions can be about creativity and design. Consider UX designers or web designers, for example. Their careers revolve more around creativity than statistics or algebra.  

With that said, what this shortage means for you is that if you learn a tech skill, you will have many job opportunities. And with the risk of many professions being replaced by technology, you will secure a future career path that won’t suddenly disappear. 

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Coding Bootcamps

Another plus of tech skills is that you don’t need to enroll in university to learn them. Instead, you have the option of doing a coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps are intensive courses where you learn all the necessary industry skills for the career of your choosing. The main difference with a university course is that they only give you the required hard skills, and they mentor you in how to enter the industry. 

Also, coding bootcamps are way cheaper than a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the school, modality, duration, and location, a bootcamp can cost from $2,000 up to $30,000. They give you different financing options according to your budget. 

And if you don’t want to have any kind of debt but don’t have the money to afford to pay in cash, there are free coding bootcamps. The only difference with the paid courses is that you won’t have a mentor to guide you or any other extra activity like helping you build a portfolio. But they give you the same curriculum. 

Tech Skills in High Demand

The tech industry has become massive in the last two decades. And it has taken over many other industries like healthcare, finance, or education. So, there are hundreds of tech skills you could learn, but not all of them are the best choices. 

Now, let’s talk about some tech skills in high demand that will ensure you have job opportunities now and in the future. From Robert Half Technology’s 2020 IT salary report, here are the top five tech skills in demand this year. All salaries below were taken from Glassdoor. 

AI Architect

An architect is a term coined from the construction industry, and in tech, it means being able to design and deploy infrastructure. In the case of AI architects, they can create, develop, deploy, and maintain artificial intelligence infrastructure that meets the client’s needs. 

It is a management position that requires a deep understanding of AI frameworks. Knowing natural language processing, deep learning, AI integration, and other AI methods is a must. However, you can start by learning machine learning and data science and build your career from there. The average salary for AI architects is $113,000. 

Business Intelligence Architect

With the increased use of technology, data has become a currency of sorts for companies. But data is nothing if you don’t have the right tools and professionals to achieve its full potential. 

Business intelligence architects are experts on leveraging data to get powerful insights and make decisions based on them. BI architects are experts in creating data structures that give companies intelligence to choose marketing strategies, identify customer trends, and predictions. 

They are also experts on creating visualization reports, so the company’s directive board can understand the insights. Overall, they are much needed in the business models many companies are implementing today. And its average salary is $112,000 per year. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a common source of computing power for many companies around the world. It is simply a much cheaper and efficient way of obtaining computing power than investing in hardware and creating an IT structure. Businesses can now outsource with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or other cloud computing providers out there. 

They can access computing power, storage, development platforms, and much more through the Internet with a very affordable monthly fee. However, companies still need to hire professionals that know how to use the cloud provider’s platform to build architectures that meet their needs. 


A developer is a professional that can design, developed, deploy, and maintain software, applications, and websites. You can become a developer in just one of these areas or a full stack developer with enough knowledge to work in any niche. With the increase of technology is no wonder why this skill is in high demand.

The increased use of digital platforms in the last few years only grew during the pandemic. And the companies that hadn’t adopted technology into their operations were forced to do it this year. So, developers will continue to have job opportunities now and in the future because technology is here to stay. 

In Summary

Fight unemployment with tech skills. They will open many job opportunities as well as help you get a high salary and work on projects that impact society. You can learn with a coding bootcamp in just a few months, even for free. Remember that the most in-demand roles are AI and BI architects, developers, and cloud computing experts.

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