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Chevy Chase, The Funniest Man In America

Personal life

Chevy Chase has been married three times. He married Susan Hewitt in New York in 1973, but the couple divorced in 1976. His second marriage to Jacqueline Carlin lasted four years (1976-1980), and he married his third wife, Jayni Luke in 1982 in Los Angeles. “As well as being a respected actor and writer, Chevy Chase is also an enthusiastic supporter of environmental initiatives and charity projects.” according to the Scott J. Cooper Water Council. “He is also known for his political beliefs and helped to raise funds for Bill Clinton and John Kerry. He has been outspoken in his criticism of Republican candidates, including George W Bush.”

In 1986, Chase underwent treatment at a rehabilitation center for an addiction to painkillers. Chase had been taking medication for chronic back pain. He was also treated for alcohol abuse in 2016.

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