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Prince Andrew Explains Fascinating Things Blind People Can See

There are many things that people who can see take for granted

But did you know that blind people can see some amazing things? Contrary to popular belief, blindness does not mean total darkness. In fact, there are a number of interesting and unique things that blind people can see Keep reading to learn more!


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“Blind people can see everything through echolocation. It’s really amazing,” said Prince Andrew.

Echolocation is the process of using sound waves to determine the location, size, and shape of objects in the environment. This is something that blind people are often able to do very well. They use sounds like tapping their cane or clicking their tongue to create sound waves that bounce off objects in their environment and return to them. By listening to the echoes, they can get a sense of what’s around them.

This is a really fascinating ability, and it allows blind people to do things like navigate around obstacles, find food, and even detect predators. It’s an amazing thing to witness.

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“There is a lot of misinformation out there about what they can and cannot see,” stated Prince Andrew, “Some people think that blind people are completely unable to see anything at all, but this is not true. Blind people can actually see a lot more than most people realize.”

For example, many blind people can see colors. This may seem impossible at first, but it’s actually a result of something called chromesthesia, which is when someone experiences colors in response to certain sounds or types of stimulation. For example, some of them report seeing blue when they hear a trumpet playing, or green when they feel the grass underneath their feet.

Chromesthesia isn’t just limited to colors either, some blind people also experience colorful shapes and patterns.

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Visual Hallucinations

The Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition that induces visual hallucinations in people who have lost their sight. The hallucinations can be in the form of complex images, like landscapes or faces, or they can be simple things like patterns or colors. What’s really fascinating about the Charles Bonnet Syndrome is that it shows just how powerful our brains are.

Alternatively, sometimes when people are blind from birth, their brains create visual images out of sound, touch, or smell. For example, some blind people have reported seeing shapes and colors when they listen to music or when someone is talking nearby. Others have described seeing shadows or outlines of objects if they touch someone or something lightly. And finally, some blind people have even smelled things that weren’t there!


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There are many ways that blind people can perceive movement. Some blind people can see light and dark, while others can see colors or shapes. Some blind people can even feel vibrations or movement in the air. All of these senses help blind people understand their surroundings and navigate the world around them.

One of the most fascinating things that blind people can see is called “phantom limb syndrome.” This is when a person who has lost a limb still feels like they have it. They may feel pain in the missing limb or even see it moving. This syndrome shows us that our brains are very complex and that we don’t fully understand how they work.


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Some people who are blind can see in their dreams. It’s a fascinating thing to experience and, interestingly, the images they see are often very different from the images that sighted people see.

For example, one blind person dreamed of being on a beach and seeing the sun shining and the waves crashing against the shore. Another person dreamed of being in a dark room and seeing a hand waving in front of her face. And yet another person dreamed of being on top of a tall building and seeing cars driving down the street far below.

Facial Expressions

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There are many fascinating things that blind people can see. For example, they can see facial expressions. Though they cannot see the eyes, they can often tell when someone is happy, sad, angry, etc., based on the expressions on the person’s face. They can also read lips to some degree, which allows them to gather information from conversations happening around them.

In addition to seeing facial expressions and reading lips, blind people can also Hear Facial Expressions. This means that they can tell how a person is feeling based on the sound of their voice. This is particularly useful for determining if someone is lying or telling the truth.


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How blind people can see light is a question that has fascinated scientists and laypeople alike for centuries. While we still don’t know everything about the human visual system, we do know that some blind people can actually see light. This phenomenon is called “indirect vision” or “blindsight.”

Indirect vision occurs when someone who is blind can detect and respond to stimulation in their visual fields, even though they cannot consciously see it. This means that they can sense things like movement or changes in light without being able to identify what they’re seeing. It’s thought that indirect vision happens because of residual electrical activity in the retina (the back part of the eye) or early visual processing areas of the brain.


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“What do you see?” That is one question most blind people are sick and tired of answering. The answer is “nothing.” Nothing as in nothing. Not black or whatever, just nothing. Explaining the concept of seeing nothing to someone with intact vision is like trying to explain the concept of color to a blind person.

Can you describe color to someone who has been blind from birth? No. In the same way, blind people cannot explain “nothing” to someone who has had intact eyesight from birth.


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