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Nicolas Maduro Rejects European Ultimatum on Elections

Venezuela’s head of state does not want to start an early presidential election. He announced that in a television interview. Thus, Maduro is against a demand of the European Union. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro rejects early presidential elections, worsening the confrontation with the West. “I refuse to call elections,” Maduro said in an interview, rejecting a call from the European Union.

Brussels had demanded that Maduro should call a presidential election no later than yesterday. If Maduro does not comply with the ultimatum, Germany and a number of other European countries want to officially recognize the self-proclaimed transitional president Juan Guaidó this Monday.

Maduro refused this request now. “We are not interested in what Europe says,” said Venezuela’s leader. The next presidential election will take place in 2024. “We do not accept ultimatums from anyone.” On Saturday he presented only early parliamentary elections in view.

US President Donald Trump increased pressure on Maduro again on Sunday. He did not rule out sending the military to Venezuela. That’s an option, Trump said in a CBS interview. A meeting requested by Maduro months ago had declined.

Russia called for restraint. “The aim of the international community should be to help Venezuela, without destructive outside interference,” said the head of the Latin American Department in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Shchetinin to Interfax. Russia is one of the largest lenders in Venezuela.


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